I shoot all of my photos with the end goal of printing. Landscape photographs just look so much better printed large and hanging on a wall. For this reason I always shoot with proper techniques to maximize sharpness and eventual print quality.

Loose Prints: The photo is printed on satin paper. No mounting or presentation.

Mounted Print: The photo is printed on satin paper and permanently mounted to either gatorfoam or styrene backing. The print is then laminated to protect it from fingerprints and scratches. This is my favorite printing method. The mounting provides a perfectly flat mount, free of warping or wrinkles. The laminate provides an amazing semi glossy surface to the print, just enough gloss to make it interesting, but not so much that you can’t see the print. the protection of the laminate also allows the customer to put the print directly into a frame without glass or matte. the effect is like looking through a window at the picture, you can see it from anywhere in the room without glass reflections ruining the experience.

Duraplaq: Similar to the above method, but mounted on a slightly thicker substrate. The edges are also beveled and painted to provide a complete presentation right out of the box, thus avoiding the cost of framing.

Specialty Prints: I also provide special printing methods, such as canvas, printing on aluminum (a great option for bathroom since it’s completely waterproof), or even acrylic mounts, where the print is sandwiched between two sheets of acrylic and floated off the wall via posts.

Eventually I plan on having a more streamlined process for ordering prints, but for now you will have to email me for prices and ordering.

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