Planning for 2015 and the Hydra Beast

The shooting season for 2014 has been an interesting one. My epic plans for 2014 ended up getting squashed, my trips planned for the Tetons, Winds, and Colorado all came crashing to the ground. The plans for my backpacking trips to the Uintas also imploded on me, leaving me with a  measly 3 nights in the Uintas. It’s frustrating living so close to so many amazing places and not being able to get to them. I sacrificed a lot so that I could make the trip to the Northwest happen, and then that trip was hijacked by a traveling companion who didn’t want to do any hiking. I am still holding on to hope, for fall color is in the near future, and the odds are it will be a much better year than last year. I also still have my 4 day trip to Zion in October coming up, I look forward to that one all year.

My list of places I want to visit keeps growing, and it seems that whenever I go somewhere on my list it only causes me to add 3 more places to that list. It’s the hydra beast. I’ve seen people criticize Americans for not traveling abroad much… can you blame us? The American West has enough scenery to keep one busy for their entire life. I could never leave Utah and not run out of places to go for a very long time. It’s amazing and frustrating all at the same time.

Even though 2014 is not over yet I have started writing down my plans for 2015. With the possibility of a new baby in the fall, I feel like I have to pack it all in before October. So I present you with my 2015 plans. It’s probably overly optimistic, but hopefully they pan out better than my plans for this year. At any rate it will be interesting to review in a year and see how reality differs from ideal.

January: Bryce Canyon, Utah

February: Arches and Canyonlands, Utah

March: Needles, Utah

April: Capital Reef, Utah

May: Notch Peak, Utah

May: Escalante, Bucksin Gulch, Utah

June: Green River Lakes, Wyoming

June: Christmas Meadows, Uintas

June: Bear Creek Lake, Idaho

July: Amethyst Lake, Uintas

July: Deadhorse Lake, Uintas

July: Allsop Lake, Uintas

August: Elkhart Park, Windrivers

August: Alice Lake, Idaho

August: Middle Basin, Uintas

September: Surprise Valley, Idaho

October: City Of Rocks, Idaho

November: Zion, Utah


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